Review of Dark Money by Jane Meyer

Doubleday, 2016

Jane Meyer’s courageous expose, Dark Money, of what Hillary Clinton described as the “vast right wing conspiracy” offers shocking evidence of how billionaire libertarian donors unleashed by the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision in 2010, (upholding their movie attacking Hillary), have made even deeper inroads into politics. Author Meyer names all the names and organizations, the donors’ affiliations with companies, hedge funds, private equity and influential Wall Street financiers. This is must-reading for all ethical responsible investors and those working to reform markets, metrics and rescue our democratic politics. At every level, the network of think tanks funded by these billionaires spread doubt over the science of climate change and environmental research, punished green companies, while financing their free market tax cutting ideologies in hundreds of academic programs, universities, as well as in media, public relations, polling and advertising. Their takeover of North Carolina provides documentation of these brilliant strategies. Every US voter and concerned citizen needs to read this book!