Ode to the Solar Age

Entering the Age of Light
A new Age of Enlightenment
Humans awakening
To the Solar Age!
Envisioned for centuries
By many peoples on Earth
Those who worshipped the Sun,
Saw land and fire as sacred
Living with earth and winds,
Respecting the Four Directions.

Yet hordes of strutting conquerors
Brought globalization and the vaunted
Industrial Era.
Weaponizing ancient tools:
Money and Markets.
Narrowing relationships of caring,
Sharing and mutual respect.
The ancient Golden Rule of community.

Mathematizing exploitation,
False metrics concealing the pain.
Devastation of the Anthropocene Age
Hidden by illusions of abstraction.
Destruction of other lives and species
Marketed as “progress” and “success”.

The planet’s wake-up call
Arriving in pandemics
And climate catastrophes.
Humans now face graduation time.
Are we fit to continue on this Earth?
Tested now before allowing
Our ambition to colonize
Our Solar System as
An inter-planetary species.

We need first to learn
Our true situation
Living with other species,
Dependent on our still-hospitable planet
Powered by the daily photon shower
From our Mother Star: the SUN!

Learning at last, from green plants
Their ways of harvesting
Those free daily photons
With Photosynthesis!
Life’s primary technology
Besting all human techne as
Merely biomimicry.
Plants producing food and sustenance
Inhaling our CO2 while
Providing us with oxygen.

No need to dig deep in Earth’s crust
For fossil oil, coal or minerals.
Solar cells, wind turbines,
Geothermal and ocean energies
All stored and distributed
By the lightest element:

All provide beyond our dreams
Healthy lifestyles, enough for All.
No need to compete, instead:
Joy in sharing and communing
In all our communities,
Families, tribes and nations
Face to face and in
As our beloved children are teaching.

Released at last from
Conceptual prisons,
Recycling our cultures and theories.
Freedom from cognitive limits,
Academic boundaries and silos.
A new Age of Enlightenment for All.
Healing ourselves and the Earth.
Re-planting, re-wilding
Lands, rivers and forests.
Fulfilling at last
The promise of generations of
Fire and sun-worshippers,
In this new Age of Light,
The Solar Age!