Equal Access

The continued progress of communities in the developing world depends on your help. You can play a critical role in supporting the work of Equal Access and help create significant change in improving the quality of life in under-served communities. Equal Access, an international not-for-profit organization, creates positive change for large numbers of people in the developing world by providing information and education through targeted content, cost-effective technology and community engagement. Headquartered in San Francisco, we have offices in Kathmandu, Nepal; Kabul, Afghanistan; and New Delhi, India. Our technology applications are designed to effectively reach the vast majority of people living in the developing world—people who lack regular or reliable access to telephone service, the internet or even electricity. Equal Access utilizes a combination of satellite, radio, multimedia and solar technologies. The key to our approach is a methodology that works through a ground-up process with communities to not only identify their needs, but to ensure those needs are met by community-driven solutions. Every day, millions of Nepalese tune into the bi-weekly Equal Access radio drama, Kura Khasra Mitha, or Let’s Talk Straight, to follow the lives and struggles of the people in the village of Sundapur through the interactions and directions of a loveable and gutsy townswoman, Thuldidi. Equal Access designs and implements compelling communications and outreach programs that address the most critical problems affecting people in the developing world: basic education, women’s empowerment, human rights, improved health practices, HIV/AIDS prevention, etc. We employ a variety of methods—local audio and multimedia content production, satellite broadcasting, AM/FM broadcasts, and community outreach—to empower the communities we serve. We all know about the numerous problems faced by millions of people in the less developed societies of the world: Poverty…Malnutrition…High infant mortality rates…Wars & Ethnic Strife…Environmental degradation…Political, economic & social instability…And the list goes on.

Hazel Henderson is an Advisor to Equal Access