Cosmic Economics

A work of art
Lies buried in the morning sand.
A sad lover seeks her necklace
Eyes scouring
The glorious, pristine beach
At sunrise.
Remembering the panic of loss
The night before
While walking this same way
Companions joined the search
That moonless hour
Scudding clouds darkening the sky

The lonely lover ponders her loss
Looking for meanings
As GAIA unfolds anew
Her morning splendor
Scurrying crabs in
Glistening pools of watery life
Diving white cranes slice
The breaking surf.

Oh! The ache
Remembering the necklace
Silver and turquoise,
Blazing sun pendant
Of the Zuni People
Fashioned by her lover’s hand.
A gift of priceless beauty
From the heart,
Will the shining sand
Give back her hidden treasure?
Oh, cherished hope!
Or is the message deeper?

The giver’s heart is full and pure,
Perhaps the soul who finds
The lost gem
Will feel hope and love restored
While contemplating
This sudden fortune.
Lost and Found.
Surely a bond between
Loser and Finder.
Is this the Message?

All gifts must pass
To complete the sacred
Circle of Life.
Loss and Gain are
Narrow Terms,
In GAIA’s cosmic economics.

The lover’s search
Is rewarded with a sign:
Two majestic feathers
Lie in the sand
Discarded by a busy pelican.
Feathers of water birds
Are sacred to the Zuni People.
These gifts will now pass
From ocean to ancient
Desert Heartland.

Treasures are everywhere
For all worship GAIA’s plenitude,
Nothing is ever lost.
A part of both lovers
Now forever in this place.
When we re-member Universal Love
We rejoice
In letting all gifts pass.

GAIA does not need
To hoard her riches,
Nor do we.
Cast gladly all our gifts
Upon the water,
Sandy beaches, deserts, too,
Necklaces, bracelets,
Pots and arrowheads,
Glorious weavings, colors
Let them blend
Into the teeming
Tapestries of Life
In Universal Giving.