ASBN Honors the Life and Legacy of Hazel Henderson

The American Sustainable Business Network is deeply saddened by the news of Hazel Henderson’s passing. Hazel was a longtime collaborator, partner, and member of ASBN since its origins as Social Venture Network in 1987 whose profound impact was felt throughout the organization.

“Hazel was pioneer that helped catalyzed a new understanding of how we can be in the world – how we can build a safer, healthier, greener sustainable economy,” said David Levine, president and co-founder of ASBN. “Working with her for 40 years has been a tremendous gift and privilege.”

A bold visionary, world-renowned futurist, evolutionary economist, worldwide syndicated columnist, consultant on sustainable development, and award-winning author, Hazel dedicated her life to campaigning for social change in a world that did not make it easy for women economists.

In 2004, Hazel founded Ethical Markets Media, a media company that strives to promote a global economy that is sustainable, green, ethical, and just.

Once called “the most dangerous woman in America” by the Public Relations Society of America for her pioneering work, Hazel was known for challenging economic norms in favor of more ethical standards that benefit all.

“Hazel was the preeminent triple-bottom-line economist of the era,” said Mark Donohue, founder of LifeGuides. “She brought intellectual rigor, a powerful and prolific pen, and a magnetic personality of authentic caring for all. Hazel was a warrior for creating a humane, just, and regenerative economic system.”

Hazel was 89 when she died — or “went viral,” as she referred to it — on May 22 at her home in St. Augustine, FL. She is survived by her daughter Alexandra Leslie Camille Henderson, son-in-law Gary Cassidy, and her grandson, Brendan A. Cassidy.

For more on Hazel’s extraordinary life and accomplishments, visit Ethical Markets.