Additional Books with Chapters by Hazel Henderson

Additional Books with Chapters
by Hazel Henderson

THE EVOLUTIONARY OUTRIDER: THE IMPACT OF THE HUMAN AGENT ON EVOLUTION edited by David Loye (London/New York: Adamantine/Praeger, 1998).
MILLENNIUM: RENDEZVOUS WITH FUTURE edited by Carlos Hernandez, Ph.D., and Rashmi Mayur, Ph.D. (Mumbai, India: International Institute for Sustainable Future, January / March 1998).
GOVERNANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND EQUITY, report of the International Conference.  Statement by Hazel Henderson.(New York: United Nations, July 1997).
GLOBAL MIND CHANGE by Willis Harman.  Foreword.  Institute of Noetic Sciences with Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.: San Francisco CA, Summer 199
UNITED NATIONS HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT.  “The Truth in Advertising Assurance Set-Aside: A Proposal to Help Steer the U.S. Economy Toward Sustainability.” UNDP: New York NY, 1998.
WORLD YEARBOOK OF EDUCATION 1998: FUTURES EDUCATION.    Foreword.  Edited by David Hicks & Richard Slaughter.  Kogan Page, Ltd:  London, UK.  Forthcoming in January 1998.
THE NEW BUSINESS OF BUSINESS.  Willis Harman & Maya Porter, eds.   “Choosing a Win-Win World,” Part Six: Working with the Civil Society.  Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.:  San Francisco, 1997.
TAKING NATURE INTO ACCOUNT.  Editor Wouter van Dieren.  Springer Verlag: New York, NY, 1995.
RETHINKING BRETTON WOODS.   “Changing Paradigms and Indicators for Operationalizing Sustainable, Equitable Human Development,” VOL. 1.   Center of Concern (Washington, DC, Fall 1995).
THE SOUL OF NATURE.  Michael Tobias and Georgianna Cowan, eds.   Continuum Publishing:  New York, 1994.
THE NEW PARADIGM IN BUSINESS:  Emerging Strategies for Leadership and Organizational Change.  Michael Ray & Alan Rinzier, eds. Jeremy P. Tarcher/Perigee:  New York, 1993.
BUYING AMERICA BACK:  Economic Choices for the 1990s.  Jonothan Greenberg and Wm Kistler, eds.  Council Oaks:  Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1992.
ECONOMIES IN TRANSFORMATION.  Hans D’Orville, ed.  Proceedings of the Inter-Action Council,  Chaired by Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Inter-Action Council:   UN Plaza, New York, NY, 1992.
HEALING THE WORLD.  Mark Macy, ed. Knowledge Systems: Indianapolis, IN, 1991.
THE CORPORATION, ETHICS, AND THE ENVIRONMENT.  W. Michael Hoffman, et al, eds. Greenwood Press:  New York, 1990.
REDEFINING WEALTH AND PROGRESS.  The Caracas Report on New Ways to Measure Development.  TOES Books, Apex Press: Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520, 1990.
THE GREEN FUSE.  John Button, ed.  Quartet Books:  London, 1990.
RE-THINKING THE CURRICULUM.  Clark and Wawrytko, eds.  Greenwood Press:   New York, 1990.
COMMUNICATIONS AT THE CROSSROADS.  Donna Allen and Ramona R. Rush, eds.   Ablex Publications:  Norwood, New Jersey, 1989.
CONSERVATORS OF HOPE:  The Horace Albright Lectures.  University of Idaho Press, 1988.
GAIA:  A Way of Knowing (Political Implications of the New Biology).   Wm Irwin Thompson, ed.  Lindisfame Press:  New York, 1987.
WHAT I HAVE LEARNED:  Thinking About the Future, Then and Now.  Michael Marien & Lane Jennings, eds.  Greenwood Press: New York, 1987.
CRITICAL QUESTIONS ABOUT NEW PARADIGM THINKING.  Anderson, Callenbach, Capra, Spretnak, eds.  Symposium of the Elmwood Institute, Nov. 1985.  Revision:   Vol. 9, #1, 1986.
THE LIVING ECONOMY:  A New Economics in the Making.  Paul Ekins, ed.   Routledge & Kegan Paul:  London, 1986.
THE GLOBAL ECONOMY:  Today, Tomorrow and the Transition.  Howard Didsbury, Jr., ed.  World Future Society:  Washington, DC, 1985.
THE DYNAMICS OF ORGANIZATION THEORY.  John F.  Veiga & John N. Yanouzas, eds.  New York, Los Angeles, 1984.
CORPORATIONS AND THE ENVIRONMENT.  Bruner, Miller, Stockholm, eds. (Afterword by William D. Ruckelshaus) Stanford Univ. Press:  California, 1981.
THE BOOK OF PREDICTIONS.  Wallechinsky, Wallace, Wallace, eds. William Morrow & Co., Inc.:  New York, 1980.
THROUGH THE 80S.  Frank Feather, ed.  World Future Society, 1980.
LEARNING TOMORROWS:  Commentaries on the Future of Education.  Peter Wagschal, ed. Praeger:  New York, 1979.
SCIENCE AND THE CONGRESS.  Proceedings of the Third Franklin Conference. Franklin Institute Press:  Philadelphia, 1978.
RELATING WORK AND EDUCATION:  Current Issues in Higher Education. Dyckman W. Vermilye, ed. Josse-Bass:  San Francisco, 1977.
ALTERNATIVES TO GROWTH.  Dennis Meadows, ed. Ballinger Pub. Co.:   Cambridge, MA, 1977.
ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT.  George F. Rohrlich, ed.  Ballinger Pub. Co.: Cambridge, MA, 1976.
ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE IN URBAN AMERICA.  James Noel Smith, ed.  The Conservation Foundation: Washington, DC, 1974.
INFORMATION REVOLUTION.  Donald Lamberton, ed.  THE ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science: Philadelphia, 1974.
SELECTED READINGS IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES.  Tuck & Denney, eds. Richard D. Unwin, Inc.:  Homewood, IL, 1973.
AMERICA IN CRISIS:  Contemporary Political Dilemmas.  Raymond Lee & Dorothy Palmer, eds.  Winthrop:  Cambridge, MA, 1972.