Bloomberg-Interview with IEX CEO Brad Katsuyama 06/11/2018

“Ethical Markets congratulates Brad Katsuyama and his colleagues for staying the strong and independent exchange on Wall Street and for their higher ethical standards protecting investors!

A century ago, many states in the USA were in a race to the bottom, pandering for gaining corporate chartering… in a vicious circle.    Only one state, Kansas, held out for higher chartering standards with its Blue-Sky Laws.  Yet in a couple of years, 24 other states joined with these Blue Sky Laws, helping create a virtuous circle!  In standing alone for higher standards, IEX lives up to this great example and is also winning market share and the trust of a wider circle of investors who feel safer on its exchange. We were honored to support IEX’s accreditation with the SEC and are encouraged to see this progress.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

IEX CEO Says Exchanges Must Be Referees of Fundamentals, Speed

Brad Katsuyama, chief executive officer at IEX, discusses concerns about speed and machines in global markets…

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