April 5 Michigan State U. via phone “Responsibly Investing in Michigan’s Future: Community Development Investment Strategies”. HH keynote speaker, presenting on “Responsible Investing: Building a New Paradigm” Maria Josephine Devoogd: [email protected]
Rex LaMore,Project Director
April 28 Vienna Imperial palace (Hofburg), Austria. Conference on Environmental Management and Innovation (Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Mgmt, HH – “21st Century Strategies for sustainability” Dr. Heinz peter Wallner: 01-4035611; [email protected]
May 16 Teleconference Bren School webex presentation
May 25 Institute of Noetic Science Teleseminar on business, work and economic transformation “measuring Quality of Life” Matthew Gilbert, Director of Communications, editor of Shift Mag
June 28 Dialogo Para o Futuro live webcast Editora Cultrix dialogo for the Future
Oct. 3-6 Kellogg School of Mgmt, Northwestern U., Chicago, IL Global Mind Change Forum,  HH to Chair Panel (Corporate Social Responsibility Bob Bruce, 222 High Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301, [email protected]
Oct. 22-23 video-conference World Peace Conference being hosted by the State of New Mexico Tourism Department… and possibly the City of Santa Fe’s leading economic development event — Santa Fe Design Week – progress and characteristics of sustainable, peace-based economics globally Michelle Mosser, [email protected],
Grace Communications, inc., http://www.gracecom.ws/ , 505-438-8735 / fax 505-820-1764, 1807 2nd Street / Suite 22, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Oct. 30 tele-conference broadcast to New Mexico Oil & Water: Can They Mix, Western and Indigenous approaches to Economy Glenn Aparicio Parry, President, SEEd Graduate Institute, 1700 Atrisco Dr. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87105, 505-792-2900; cell: 505-480-8000; [email protected]
Nov. 18 Chicago, IL Global Visionaries symposium, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Arts, 773-545-9935: John Gustavson Maureen King, [email protected],
Sadhu Johnston, Commission, Dept. of the Environment,
30 North LaSalle, Ste 2500, Chicago, IL 60602, [email protected], 312-446-0021,
cell: 312-774-7609