New Age Journal

“Among those at the Forum:

(clockwise from top) George Bush, Margaret Thatcher,
Thich Nhat Hanh, Mikhail Gorbachev,
Hazel Henderson, and Deepak Chopra.”
January 4-6, 2002 Atlanta, GA Association for Evolutionary Economics Session
Ecological Economics”
Hilton Atlanta
AFEE, Wayne State University
Dept. of Economics
Telephone:  937-775-2769
Fax: 937-775-2441

January 14-24, 2002 New York, NY
“PrepCom Mtg. for the UN Summit on Financing for Development”
Financing for Development Secretariat
Telephone: 212/963-8497
Fax:  212/963-0443

January 25-29, 2002 Rio de Jeneiro,  Brazil Third World Summit Memorandum Group Meeting

Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil

Berlin, Germany
Telephone:  49 302 853-4216
Fax:  49 302 853-4108

Jan. 30.- Feb. 4, 2002 Porto, Alegre Brazil “World Social Forum”
February 21-23, 2002 Lyon, France “Earth Dialogues: Globalization and Sustainable Development”
Green Cross International
Telephone:  41 22 789 1662
Fax:  41 22 789-1695
email:  [email protected]
email 2: [email protected]
March 4, 2002 St. Augustine, FL World Bank Retirees Dinner

Casa Monica Hotel
St. Augustine, FL

March 17-23, 2002 Monterrey, Mexico “United Nations Summit on Financing for Development”
United Nations
April 4-6, 2002 Amsterdam, The Netherlands “RABOBANK Leadership Development Programme Contact: Eckart Dissen, IBO Institute
[email protected]
April 17-21, 2002 Catamarca, Argentina “International Congress:  Education in the 3rd Millennium”


Educacion Por 3rd Milenio Galeria Catamarca
4700 Catamarca, Argentina
[email protected]
April 18-23, 2002 New York, NY “Spirit In Business Conference:
Linking Ethics, Mindfulness and the Bottom Line

Sheraton New York

Contact Us At: Spirit in Business,Inc
277 Federal Street, Greenfield, MA 01301, USA
US Phone: 413-774-5783
US fax: 413-773-3948
1400 A H Bussum, Netherlands
Europe Phone: +31-35-6951920
Europe Fax: +31-35-6935254
[email protected]
April 24-25, 2002 Denver, Colorado “The Kellogg Foundation  Food& Society Initiative Conference”

New Food Systems & Rural Development

Private Event
May 14, 2002 Washington, DC “Calvert Group Press Briefing”
Presenting: Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators

National Press Club
Washington, DC

Calvert Group
4550 Montgomery Avenue
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
contact: Elizabeth A. Laurienzo
(301) 657-7047
July 20-22, 2002 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania World Future Society
“After Sept 11: Long-Range Views of the War on Terrorism.”
World Future Society:
7910 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, MD  20814
September 2-11, 2002 Johannesburg, South Africa “World Summit on Sustainable Development”
Johannesburg Summit Secretariat, UN Major Group Relations
Phone:  212/963-8811
Fax:  917/367-2341
October 8-12, 2002 Amsterdam, The Netherlands “RABOBANK Leadership Development Programme
Contact: Eckart Dissen, IBO Institute
[email protected]
October 9-14, 2002 Zug, Switzerland Spirit in Business World Institute and Global Network”

Lasalle Insitute
(near Zurich)

Spirit in Business
277 Federal Street
Greenfield, MA   01301
phone: 413/774-5783
Fax  413/773-3948
October 16-17, 2002 Geneva, Switzerland “International Labour Organization”
Private Event
October 17-21, 2002 Prague, Czech Republic “FORUM 2000:
Bridging Global Gaps ”

Municipal House

Forum 2000:
contact: Jana Hybsova
email: [email protected]
phone: 420/2-2431-0991
fax:  420/2/2431-0989
October 24-25, 2002 New York, NY “Committee of 200”
Committee of 200
contact: Elizabeth Genter, Dir., Mbr. Events, 625 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 500, Chicago, Il 60611
Phone:  312/751-3477, fax: 312/943-9401
[email protected]
November 7-8, 2002 Eugene, Oregon “6th Annual Sustainable Business Symposium”

University of Oregon
Sustainable Business Symposium
Contact: Marc Tobin, Board of Directors c/o
University of Oregon, Eugene Or
[email protected]
November 9-10, 2002 San Francisco, CA “Green Festival – Global Exchange”
Green Festivals
contact: Kevin Danaher, 2017 Mission St., Suite 303, San Francisco, CA
[email protected]