New Age Journal

“Among those at the Forum:

(clockwise from top) George Bush, Margaret Thatcher,
Thich Nhat Hanh, Mikhail Gorbachev,
Hazel Henderson, and Deepak Chopra.”
January 12-15 Washington, DC Global Meeting of Generations:  Vision & Action for Equitable Development in the 21st Century
UNDP, Office of Development Studies
February 14,15,16 Washington, DC Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting
Millennium Project Planning Committee Meeting
March 8-12 St. Augustine, Florida International Liveable Cities Conference
International Liveable Cities Conference
March 17-18 Washington, DC World Federalist Association,
World Federalist Association
Campaign for Global Change
418 7th Street
SE Washington, DC  20003-2796
Mr. Glenn Olds  202-546-6135
March 23-27 Bangkok, Thailand Focus on the Global South, Bangkok, Thailand
DAWNS/SAPRIN and Focus on the
Global South

Nicola Bullard
Ph:   662-218-7363/64/65
[email protected]
April 6-12 Winchester, UK Mystics and Scientists Conference
King Alfreds College
Winchester, UK

Mr. David Lorimer
[email protected]
April 20 Ann Arbor, Michigan Distinguished Lecture Series on Sustainable Development Community and Business
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mr. Tom Gladwin
PH: 734-647-4491
FX:   734-936-0279
May 1 Telephone Interview with Radio New Zealand
Radio New Zealand
May 13-15 Oxford, UK Oxford Union Debates
Oxford Union
Oxford, UK
Telephone:   44-1865-241353
Fax:  44-1865-250092
June 7-10 Sao Paulo, Brazil Amana Key Desenvolviemento & Educacao Ltda.
Amana Key Desenvolviemento &
Educacao, Ltda.
Telephone:   55-11-3741-4567
Fax:  55-11-3741-5619
June  13-16 New York City, NY Making a Profit While Making a Difference Conference
Capital Missions Company
Telephone: 517-876-8766
Fax: 517-876-8725
July 1-2 Boston, MA World Times Tribune Mondiale 20th Anniversary- Global Editors Meeting
World Times
210 World Trade Center
Boston, MA  03210
Telephone:  617-439-5400
July 28-30 Washington, DC World Future Society/Millenium Meeting
World Future Society
7910 Woodmont Avenue
Suite 450
Bethesda, MD  20814
Phone:   301-656-8274
Fax:   301-951-0394
September 2-9 Auckland, New Zealand Reclaiming APEC Conference, Auckland University
Reclaiming APEC Conference
Mr. Bruce Dyer
PH & FX: 64-3-548-7284
September 5, 1999 Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand Business for Social Responsibility   Conference
Money Matters (NZ) Limited
Mr. Rodger Spiller
PH:   649-366-1672
FX:   649-366-1472
[email protected]
September 16-18 Los Angeles, CA Society of Environmental Journalists 1999 National Conference*Asia’s Financial Woes
UC Regents Mr. Jay Letto
PH:  509-493-1128
FX:   509-493-3650
[email protected]
September 29-October 1st San Francisco, CA World Business Academy Conference
WBA Conference
October 1-3 San Francisco, CA State of the World Forum
State of the World Forum
Oct.10-13 Prague, Czech Republic FORUM 2000 Foundation Conference
Forum 2000 Foundation
Telephone:   420-2-2431-0991
Fax:  420-2-2431-0989
[email protected]
Oct. 14-15 Leiden, Netherlands 20th Synposium of Veerstichting
Mr. Bastiaan van Heereveld
Telephone:   071-512-35-45

Fax:  071-514-14-24
Oct. 18 Amsterdam, The Netherlands “Enterprise and Development in the 21st Century; Compassion or Competiton?” Progressio Foundation
Foundation Visit HH
Dalai Lama 1999
Fax:   31-242-420020
Nov.3-5 Atlanta, GAAtlanta Hilton & Towers Systems Thinking in Action Conference
Pegasus Communications
One Moody Street
Waltham, MA  02453-5339
Telephone:  781-398-9700
Fax:  781-894-7175

Nov. 6-13 Acapulco, MexicoAcapulco Princess Resort 1999 International Conference on Business and Consciousness
The Message Company
4 Camino Azul
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 USA
Telephone: 505-474-0998

[email protected]
November 12-13 Ann Arbor, MichiganUniversity of Michigan Business School Executive Education Center 1999 Net Impact National Conference, “Leadership in Action:  Changing the Rules, Changing the Game”
University of Michigan Business School
Students for Responsible Business
Net Impact
609 Mission Street, 3rd Flr.
San Francisco, CA  94105
Phone:  415-778-8366 ext 304
Fax:   415-778-8367
[email protected]
Ms. Karen Klausner
December 27 St. Augustine, FL
9-10 am ESTFor full interview, click…
Wisdom Radio Interview LIVE from Houston with Hazel Henderson.
“Lessons for the new millennium”
Wisdom Radio,“Wisdom at Work”
Scott Cluthe, Host
Houston, TX


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